侯杰泰于2014年7月1日起在Coursera MOOC (大型开放式网络课程/「慕课」)开办结构方程模型课程。详情及注册可于Coursera官方网站网易公开课。内容包括现时SEM网上课程,并新增更多练习及补充资料;课程以中文讲授。请互相知照。

January 30-31, 2015: Hong Kong
Dear friends,
As you might have heard, there is a conference and a seminar to be held on 31, 30 Jan at CUHK for the high achieving countries/economies in academic surveys to share their experience. This is quite a high status conference with Mr. Eddie Ng (HK Secretary of Ed) and the new incoming Permanent Secretary of Ed, Mrs. Marion Lai coming to officiate the events. The Singapore minister of Education as well as other senior administrators from Japan and Korea will share their experience as well. The world famous Prof. Andreas Schleicher, Director of PISA is going to give the keynote speech. Both the seminar and the conference are totally free (see attached for the full program). This is an extremely valuable occasion to meet these important people and to listen to their experience.
As the time is extremely tight, would gratefully appreciate if you could register immediately and encourage other friends who might have interest in the talk to attend. First come first served. Hope to see you all.
KT Hau
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December 10, 2014: Hong Kong
Among different methods of blended learning through web courses and classroom teaching, ‘flipped classroom’ is probably the most influential. In the traditional teaching and learning, teachers teach in classes and students complete the assignments at home; ‘flipped classroom’ is the reversed way, asking students to learn the basic concepts in advance (such as from online or printed materials at home before the class), and teachers can spend the class time for discussion and other activities tackling the more difficult parts. In fact, the concept of ‘flipped classroom’ has already been widely adopted by primary and secondary school teachers around the globe. Participants will be able to understand how ‘flipped classroom’ can be conducted and what its critical successful factors are, so as to facilitate their classroom interaction, reduce their workload, and increase students’ learning efficiency. We will introduce the changes in Flip versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3s, in line with the recommendations in EDB’s “The Fourth Strategy on Information Technology in Education” report.
*The talk will be conducted in English, specially arranged for NET teachers and other English speaking audience (the video of an identical talk in Chinese by Prof KT Hau have been posted in Hong Kong Education City (only available to registered users).
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