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l 侯傑泰。中大教育心理系講座教授侯傑泰──TSA爭議不絕:如何運用國際數據改善香港教育。 HK01評論, 6 March 2017. (TSA debate continues: How to make use of international data to improve Hong Kong education) 【 Image (pdf)

l 侯傑泰。中大教育心理系講座教授侯傑泰──父母忙於協助子女功課:全校問題還是個別學生?。 明報,觀點, 14 February 2016. (Parents busy helping children’s homework: Whole school problem or individual student’s problem?) 【 Text(pdf)

l 侯傑泰。中大教育心理系講座教授侯傑泰──讓數據說話:TSA可保證教育公平及質量。 HK01評論, 23 December 2016. (Data Speaks: Territory System Assessment can guarantee equity and quality) 【 Image(pdf)

l 侯傑泰。中大教育心理系講座教授侯傑泰──TSA爭論,我們得到了甚麼? 香港電臺,香港家書, 6 February 2016. (Territory System Assessment Debate: What have we got) 【 Text(pdf)

l 侯傑泰。侯傑泰: 真正還孩子快樂童年 應減低依賴中英數成績派位。明報,觀點, 15 December 2015. (Genuine Happy Childhood: Should reduce the reliance of Chinese/English/Maths exam results in school place allocation) 【Text (pdf)

l 侯傑泰。侯傑泰:監測或不監測?——上海台灣經驗。明報,觀點, 18 November 2015. (Monitor or not Monitor: Shanghai and Taiwan Experience) 【Text (pdf)

l 侯傑泰。侯傑泰:對症下藥減少TSA操練:回應葉建源議員。明報,觀點, 5 November 2015. (Targeting at the problem, reduce overdrilling: Response to Councillor Ip Kin Yuen) 【Text (pdf)

l 侯傑泰。TSA爭議(一):應減少操練,但取消TSA非對症下藥 TSA爭議(二):監測重要 常用於扶貧 對全港有利 TSA爭議(三):家長是「老闆」 升中派位才是問題核心 TSA爭議(四):試題深淺應由專業決定。 星島日報, 27-30 October, 2015. (TSA debate: Should reduce overdrilling, but abolishing TSA is not targeting at the problems; Monitoring is important, frequently used in helping the disadvantaged, useful to Hong Kong; Parents are the “boss”, Secondary School place allocation is the heart of the problems; item difficulty should be determined professionally)【Image (Pdf) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。侯傑泰:取消 TSA 無助減少考試操練。明報,觀點, 23 October 2015. (Abolishing TSA will not reduce overdrilling for examinations)【Text(pdf)

l 侯傑泰。施政報告中教育資助 考慮優次及發揮最大成效。明報,觀點, 4 February 2014. (Prioritization of educational subsidies in Policy Address to maximize effectiveness)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。香港學生國際評估名列前茅 應先為學生、教師、家長、官員鼓掌。明報,觀點, 10 December 2013. (Hong Kong students achieved ranked ratings in international assessment – Applause for students, teachers, parents and government officials)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。網上教學與翻轉課堂——追趕新加坡的教學改革。明報,觀點, 28 November 2013. (Online education and Flipped classroom – In pursuit of Singaporean education reform)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。專上教育應該更重視職業訓練。明報,觀點, 31 October 2013. (Higher education should pay more attention to vocational training)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。文憑試考「立法會拉布」、「佔中」難保教師改卷無偏見。明報,觀點, 19 June 2013. (Bias cannot be ruled out in marking questions of controversial issues in HKDSE Liberal Studies paper)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。自資大專院校做研究教學遭殃。明報,觀點, 4 April 2013. (Teaching qualities of self-financing tertiary institutions may be affected by research engagements)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。尖子升學獎學金 盼現職教師也能參與。明報,觀點, 4 March 2013. (Scholarship for further educational studies should open to serving teachers, in addition to top students)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。美國班小,但教師薪低課節多:不值得學習——兼答葉建源議員。明報,觀點, 9 January 2013. (The American small class teaching with low teacher salaries and larger number of teaching sessions: not a good role model)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰、趙耀華。盡早建立自資課程收生平台 。明報,觀點, 6 December 2012. (The platform for admission of self-financing programmes should be established as soon as possible)【Image (PDF) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。必須保校毋須小班 ——趁機改善教學法更重要(二)。明報,觀點, 9 November 2012. (Enhancing teaching approaches more important than small class teaching, under the resource constraints for continuing school operations II)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。必須保校毋須小班 ——趁機改善教學法更重要(一)。明報,觀點, 8 November 2012. (Enhancing teaching approaches more important than small class teaching, under the resource constraints for continuing school operations I)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。今年文憑試的試題容易嗎?——誤解與等級釐定。明報,觀點, 17 April 2012. (Are the HKDSE questions this year easy?【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。應從教育考慮解決學校派位問題。明報,觀點, 16 February 2012. (School Place Allocation issues should be resolved from educational perspectives)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。中中設英文班 學習生態更惡劣。 明報,觀點, 7 August 2008. (Creating Chinese class in Chinese schools: Learning environment becomes even worse)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。教學語言:小心解讀研究結果。明報,觀點, 28 March 2008. (Medium of instruction: Interpret the results with care)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。羅太8年改革盤點。 明報,論壇, 12 November 2006. (Review of Fanny Law’s educational reform II)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。羅太8年改革盤點。 明報,論壇, 11 November 2006. (Review of Fanny Law’s educational reform I)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。不移走縮班恐懼教師無法減壓。 明報,論壇, 27 January 2006. (Teachers’ anxiety cannot be removed when class shrinkage continues)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。不應走1978年前升中試回頭路。明報,論壇, 21 June 2005. (Should not go back to 1978 secondary school place allocation policy)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。小班教學資源優次問題。明報,論壇, 9 May 2005. (Priority in small class resource allocation)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。不求轟天動地但願平穩改進 ──中學教學語言及派位建議 。明報,論壇, 5 February 2005. (Suggestion to secondary school medium of instruction and school place allocation)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。小班教學、誤作良方。明報,論壇, 21 December 2004. (Wrongly take small class teaching as the panacea)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。應改革大學收生制度。明報,論壇, 3 December 2004. (Should Change University Admission System)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。難計平時分 寧改大學收生。明報,論壇, 2 December 2004. (Hard to calculate school marks, better to change university admission system. MingPao: Forum)【Image (PDF) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。明白新趨勢家長釋疑慮。明報,教得樂, 30 November 2004. (Understanding the new trend will relieve parents’ anxiety)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。比較學校:意願好、困難大、慎防惡果。星島日報,教育評論, 31 December 2002. (Comparing schools: Good intention, great difficulty, and be aware of detrimental consequences)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。經費有限,小班教學物有所值?明報,論壇, 9 September 2002. (Limited resources: Are small classes worth the cost?)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。生命天使或有反效果?明報,論壇, 30 April 2002. (Angels to rescue life might have contradictory effects)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。五改三母損名校收生。明報,論壇, 22 March 2002. (Changing from 5 to 3 bands does not affect the intake of prestigious schools)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。以優質教材彌補英文教師不足。明報,論壇, 7 July 2001. (Using good teaching materials to solve the problem of insufficient English teachers)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。男生反被歧視?明報,論壇, 30 June 2001. (Are male students being discriminated?)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。評試題出錯,別只談改善教對。明報,論壇, 25 May 2001. (Problems with examination questions, do not concentrate on proof-reading only)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。教大學生不能用馴獸法。明報,論壇, 15 January 2001. (“Taming of the Shrewd” is not the best way of teaching university students)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。小班教學高成本低效果。明報,論壇, 11 December 2000. (Small class teaching: High cost, small effect)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。大學應設統一英語離校試。明報,論壇, 21 November 2000. (We should set a unified university leaving English test)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。量化收生標準誘使低劣操練。明報,論壇, 3 October 2000. (Quantification .of student admission criteria leads to low level drilling)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。教師考牌:借鏡美國經驗。明報,論壇, 28 August 2000. (Licensure examinations for teachers: Experience from the U.S.)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。取消學能試並無不公平。明報,論壇, 8 July 2000. (It is not unfair to abolish the academic attainment test (AAT))【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。教師語文考試—–質素是否已有保證?及格者會否真正驕倣?明報,論壇, 12 June 2000. (Teachers’ language test: Is the quality guaranteed? Will the certified be proud of?)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。應自行設計多種程度商業英語及電腦考試。信報, 10 September 1999. (Should develop multilevel Business English and Computer tests)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。升中派位未必歧視女生。明報,論壇, 28 August 1999. (Secondary school place allocation does not necessarily discriminate against girls)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。評估是必然趨勢。明報,論壇, 23 May 1999. (Evaluation is an unavoidable trend)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。中六分區分階段收生建議。大公報, 19 December 1998. (Recommendation for Secondary 6 place multistage regionalized admission)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。令人失望的「考試檢討報合」。明報,論壇, 5 December 1998. (A disappointing examination review report)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。優質教育研究是否優質?大公報, 3, 4 December 1998. (Is quality education research of high quality?) 【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。考試檢討的重點及成效。明報,論壇, 16 May 1998. (The emphases and effects of examination review)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。百所英語名校篩選的惡果:男精英漸少、小學更不重視英語。明報,論壇, 3 January 1998. (There are less male elites and primary schools pay less attention to English. Ming Pao, Forum)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。學童自殺—-解決問題契機?明報, 21 November 1996. (Opportunity to solve the student suicide issue)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。控制傳染自殺的他國經驗。明報, 19 October 1995. (Other countries experience in suicide imitation control)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。不需要另設.考試的成績認可:評單元考試建議。星島日報,教育評論, 29, 30 June 1995. (Recognition without setting another examination)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。防教師自殺—-勿隨便跟壓力扯上關係。明報, 18 January 1995. (To prevent teacher suicide: Do not link with pressure)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。應減低模仿性自殺的報道。華僑日報, 11 February 1993. (Media should reduce coverage of copycat suicide)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。遏止學童自殺風氣蔓延。星島晚報,8 February 1993. (Stop the spread of student suicide )【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。防止自殺建議導致更多慘劇。華僑日報, 4 February 1993. (Suggestions to prevent suicide can cause more tragedies)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。學童自殺傳媒難逃其責。明報, 29 January 1993. (Media takes inevitable responsibility in student suicide)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。善用數字統計可助分析自殺。明報,教育論壇, 20 January 1993. (Statistical figures can help suicide analysis)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。制止自殺傳媒有責。明報, 14 January 1993. (Media responsibility in preventing suicide)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。防學童自殺減低無望感。明報, 24, 26 October 1992. (Reduce hopelessness, prevent student suicide)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。《悲傷的一課》反效果。明報, 27 May 1992. (Adverse effect of “a sad lesson”)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。我對學童自殺的預言及應驗—-談善意批評變成殺人凶器。明報, 13, 14, 15 May 1992. (My prophecy and coming true of school students’ suicide)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。同情自殺導致更多慘劇。信報, 9 May 1992. (Sympathy with school student suicide leads to more tragedies)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。從學童自殺談起——處理學生犯過及減低其無望感。明報, 27, 28 March 1992. (Handling students’ misbehaviour and reducing their hopelessness)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。學童自殺—-尋針故事的結局。信報, 11 May 1991. (Student suicide – ending of the needle-search story)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。青少年自殺的預防及事後輔導。明報, 15 March 1991. (Adolescent suicide prevention and counselling)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。如何制止幼童及青少年自殺。信報, 12 March 1991. (How to present adolescent suicide)【Image (JPG) l Text (PDF)

l 侯傑泰。如何(不)個別評改專題報告。 TOC 通訊。香港:香港教育署。(How to avoid individually assess project reports)【Image (PDF) l Text (PDF)